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So what is ‘endofthedock’ all about?

Seems like a pretty random choice for the name of a project/vision/proprietorship, especially one currently focused on teaching-learning.

So, I’ll riff a bit on what it brings to mind:

  • relaxation at a camp or cottage
  • an entry point
  • a place of transition where you can ease or jettison yourself into…
  • a place to sit and marvel at the expanse of a foreign domain
  • the end of a small protrusion into a vast domain from which you can observe more then you could if you were standing on the boundary (on-shore)
  • I wonder about the ways different people might approach the end of the dock: with terror, delight, trepidation, wonder
  • I think about my daughter who delighted at collecting pine cones and throwing them one by one over the edge to watch them float about.
  • I think about the hour long jumping competition we had a few summers back to select the person who could breech the schism with the most flair and ingenuity.
  • I think about how moments of relaxation and distractedness/attentiveness by, and to, the moment often accelerate the mind to such boundry-lands and open up creative/innovative visions and connections.
  • I think about how we deny this of ourselves all too often in the name of productivity, when we know in our hearts that the efficiencies discovered would increase our productiveness tenfold!

I’ve met so many colleagues wandering the shores of education, each one familiar, in their own way, with the boundary they traverse. Some have found the dock and walked to the end to see what they could see. A few, recklessly (bravely?)┬áplunged in heart-racingly. While others sit still on the edge, content with the refreshing thrill of dipping a toe in now and again. I even once had a colleague stand atop the shore’s embankment and yell down to me, “How is it?”

Welcome to the ‘endofthedock’.

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8 thoughts on “endofthedock

    • Marc Post author

      Thanks ‘Preener’!

      Too many thoughts floating around! They’re distracting, but I think this will allow me to document them and then follow up on then, pick up on threads and revise!

      Sounds fun!!

  • Heidi Siwak

    Marc, what a lovely metaphor to launch your journey into blogging as a tool for reflective practice. It caused me to recall my first post and the unexpected paths that I’ve been able to traverse because of it. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing what emerges.

    • Marc Post author

      Thanks Hiedi! I’ve kept the well dammed up and it feels great to just write to be honest. Always found the purge to bring clarity and catharsis.

  • Aviva

    I agree with everyone else here. I love the title of your blog and the connection you’ve made to learning. I’m very curious to read upcoming blog posts and see how this metaphor (and ultimately, your own thinking and learning, evolve).